Horizon has many young couples and families who are active participants in the church.  Because we care for them and for the new young families who will become a part of Horizon we seek to provide excellent and safe infant and toddler care during our Sunday morning service.


You will find the adults helping with the infants kind and courteous.  They will ask you questions about your family and child so that they can better serve you and your child.  The atmosphere is safe and all adults helping are required to attend training and allow Horizon to complete a background check on them for the purpose of your child's safety.


You will find the infant and toddler area clean and age appropriate for your children.  Young mothers help us keep this area clean and up to date with appropriate toys, games and other items.


When you attend a Sunday morning service at Horizon, please bring items your infant might need in your child's bag.  Suggested items are bottles for feeding, juice bottles, a change of clothing, extra diapers, and other items you carry with you on your regular outings.  It is helpful if you have a name tag and labels on all of your items including your child's bag.  Feel free to share with us any special needs or concerns you have about your child.  The information will be kept confidential and will help Horizon better care for you and your family.