Horizon wants you to use your God given talents, gifts and abilities to help others enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become totally committed followers of Jesus Christ. God's love inspires us to use the talents and abilities He has given and reach out to help others.  Here are some of the ministries that we currently have going on to help build people up in their faith walk.  You may have a desire to begin a new ministry, if so please let us know.  Please call the church office at 757-488-6339.  We want to help you make a wonderful difference in the lives of others.
The ministry links on the left of this page are listed to give you an idea of some of the ministries that Horizon is involved in on a regular basis.  There are many other ways to serve and we believe that you are to also serve and minister to people at work, in your neighborhood and in your family during the weekday.
We believe that as followers of Jesus Christ our lives and this Church are His and are on mission at all times.